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Things You Need to Know Before watching “Running The Bases”.

Is “Running The Bases” Based on true story?

No, the story of movie is fictional and there character is also fictional.

What is the story of Running The Bases?

Story of Movie is a drama about a high school baseball coach who runs afoul of the school superintendent when the coach's son brings the superintendent's son to Christ.

Movie Release Date:

American movie “Running The Bases “ release date is 16 September 2022 which is release in USA.

What is “Running The Bases” Rating?

Pearl movie is “PG” rated movie because of some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children.

“Running The Bases” movie Star Cast:

Brett Varvel

Brett Varvel is a director, entertainer, and writer. who has been making movies for most of his life.

Gigi Orsillo

Gigi Orsillo is an Actress: Family Camp. Growing up on set, with both parents in the production business

Movie Director & Producer

American Movie Pearl Directed & Produced by “Marty Roberts”.

Movie Budget

Sorry, But the budget of movie is not disclosed by officials.