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Everything You Need to Know About Pearl{2022} Movie.

Plot of the Movie:

The Movie is set in 1918 during the era of the Spanish Flu & World War 1, this movie is about the origin of villainous character name's "Pearl" from movie "X".

Movie Release Date:

American movie “Pearl“ release date is 16 September 2022 which is release in USA.

Rating of Movie:

Pearl movie is “R” rated movie because of some strong violence, gore, solid sexual content and graphic nudity.

Pearl movie Star Cast:

Mia Goth as “Pearl”

Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth is an English entertainer. She started her modelling as a teen.


David Corenswet as “Howard”

David Packard Corenswet is an American entertainer. After completing graduation, he started guest starring in TV series.

Movie Director & Producer

American Movie Pearl Directed by Ti West & Produced by Jacob Jaffke & Ti West.

Origin of Movie Story

The origin of the story of movie pearl is from Ti West's 'X'

Is Pearl a sequel to X?

The director of movie is confirmed that “Pearl” will act as a prequel for “X”