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Job Overview

Visa Sponsorship Farm Jobs in New Zealand, Based in Templeton, you’ll provide advice and consultancy services to our agricultural clients which focus on farm systems, nutrient management, farm environment plans, and biogenic emissions as well as the 6 principles encompassed by Te Mana o te Wai. 

Building relationships, understanding needs, identifying opportunities, and ensuring the service you provide is farmer-centric will be critical aspects of this role. 

You’ll need to be willing to develop and sustain (or already have) advanced OverseerFM knowledge and be committed to continuous professional development and keeping abreast of developments in this rapidly changing space.

farm systems consultants are specialist advisers who provide technical, commercial, and financial advice and information to farming, agricultural, and public sector staff.

farm systems consultants provide advice on the use and management of agricultural land. Typically they specialize either in business or technical expertise; specialists in the former area advise agricultural landowners on financial issues and business strategy, while technical specialists consider how to make the most effective use of the land.

Technical specialists often focus on a particular area, such as pollution control, forestry consultancy, or crop rotation. Whatever the specialization, the ultimate aim of an agricultural consultant is to balance the commercial viability of agricultural land with sustainable development. Key tasks include:

Post Name Farm Systems Consultant – Environmental Specialist
Address Christchurch, New Zealand 7675
Company Name Agri Magic Limited
Industry Private

About Company:

The Agri Magic team lives and breathes agriculture.  They specialize in supporting farmers as they respond to the challenges of environmental and nutrient constraints.  Helping their clients navigate change, identify opportunities and plan for a resilient farming future is what they do best.

Your Skills and Experience:

You will:

  • share our passion for agriculture and rural communities;
  • be intellectually curious with a dedication to continuous improvement and ongoing professional development.
  • be an organized and driven person with the ability to manage and prioritize your work;
  • have strong attention to detail and a commitment to high work standards;
  • be committed to building relationships and trusted networks;
  • openly share information and contribute to Agri Magic’s collegial team environment;
  • be focused on delivering customer satisfaction; and
  • bring an understanding of OverseerFM and farm systems knowledge;

Whilst a qualification in sustainable nutrient management is beneficial, training and development will be available for the right person. 

Graduates are welcome to apply.

What you’ll get in return:

This role offers an exceptional opportunity to join a team with diverse skills that will provide the platform and support for you to develop your full potential.  At Agri Magic, you’ll also have the opportunity to use your skills to make a real difference to our clients and enhance the sustainability of New Zealand’s primary sector. 

You’ll work with a fun, collegial, and supportive team, that enjoys what they do and are focused on continuous improvement, personal development, and strong values.

Salary NZD 70000 To NZD 80000 Per Year 
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Graduate
Remote No

Benefits of Farm Work

Life on a farm and the work it requires can be beneficial for adults and children when done safely.

In general, farm work for adults is thought to provide exercise, fresh air, opportunities for problem-solving, appreciation for land and animals, and satisfaction in one’s work. Agricultural communities in many areas also enjoy a celebrated social status and have tight-knit communities and families that provide support in times of need.

Work and learning responsibility is good for children and teens in all walks of society. Agriculture, in particular, offers many opportunities for youth to develop work skills and benefit from farm life.

Benefits of growing up on farms are often mentioned:

  • Instills a passion, love, and respect for the land
  • Builds character
  • Instills a good work ethic
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Facilitates a bond with family and a common project
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Provides lots of room for youth to play
  • Builds lifelong friendships with other farm youth
  • You get to have the best pets

Research in child development and family relations studies validates some of these beliefs*:

  • Children who complete chores in exchange for their allowances, or as a part of a family business, have more respect for saving and spending.
  • Families that complete tasks together have stronger bonds.
  • Cognitive ability, understanding of life cycles, and ability to deal with anxiety have been shown to improve if people have regular interactions with plants and animals.
  • Health benefits include a marked reduction in inflammatory bowel disorders, allergies, atopy, and asthma.

Striking the balance between benefits and risks:

  • Farms and ranches possess a number of qualities (plants, animals, family, chores, business features) that can be beneficial for youth.
  • However, farms are the most dangerous and deadly worksite in the US.
  • It is important to assign farm youth age and developmentally appropriate work, enabling them to reap the benefits of farm life, while helping to minimize the risks.

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