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Legal Jobs in Australia 2022

Job Overview

Tesla Jobs in Australia, Tesla Jobs in Sydney, Tesla Sydney, Tesla is looking for legal counsel based in Sydney or Melbourne to support its operations in Australia and New Zealand as well as its operations throughout the Asia Pacific Region. This position will report to the Associate General Counsel, based in Hong Kong.

Post Name Legal Counsel
Company Name Tesla
Expected Salary AUD 70000 to AUD 75000 Per Year
Address North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 2060

Responsibility for Tesla Hiring in Australia:

  • Advise on general legal, regulatory, and compliance matters with respect to ongoing business activities in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.
  • Act as a business partner across the various functions in order to support the achievement of the organization’s financial and operational goals and strategies.
  • Advise on consumer protection and data privacy issues.
  • Advise on and implement compliance measures and assess potential risk in situations where there might be alternative interpretations.
  • Review and negotiate lease agreements for service centers, retail locations, and Supercharger stations.
  • Manage external counsel to address specific and discrete legal issues..
  • Review and advise on motor vehicle sales contracts and warranty agreements.
  • Review and negotiate general commercial contracts, including procurement contracts.
  • Review employment contracts and advise on employment law issues.
Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Degree in Law
Remote No

Skills for Tesla Salary Australia:

  • Qualification in an Australian state and solid working knowledge of Australian state and commonwealth laws in the aforementioned subject areas.
  • Minimum of 5 years with a top-tier international law firm or top multinational company.
  • Ability to make sound business decisions quickly and in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Strong command of the details of relevant laws and regulations, but with an ability to make these laws and regulations understandable and actionable for a business audience.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to identify issues and propose and implement practical solutions quickly.
  • Strong communication, writing, presentation, and organizational skills.
  • Desire to work independently and cross-functionally in a fast-paced and fast-changing environment.
  • A creative problem solver who is open to new ideas and new approaches, with an instinctive desire to help colleagues accomplish their goals, even if this means stepping outside their formal remit to assist.

About Company

Tesla, Inc. is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Tesla designs and manufactures electric vehicles, battery energy storage from home to grid-scale, solar panels and solar roof tiles, and related products and services.

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla was founded by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to drive electric – that electric vehicles can be better, quicker, and more fun to drive than gasoline cars.

Benefits of Working in Tesla for Getting a Job at Tesla:

Professionals are greatly influenced by the pay and benefits packages when choosing a company. Despite this, Tesla employs over 70,000 people, many of whom are the best in their industry and extremely skilled. Therefore, in order to improve retention and draw in top IT industry professionals, the company must offer generous salary and benefits packages to employees. A summary of staff pay and benefits is shown below for Tesla.

Tesla Payscales

According to Payscale, the typical income for Tesla employees is $99,000. Individual salaries, however, vary based on the position and job description. For instance, a software engineer at Tesla makes about $112,615 per year, whereas a process engineer makes about $87,717 per year.

Tesla’s compensation is competitive and frequently comes with raises and incentives, despite the fact that employee reviews do not place the company among the best-paying employers. Elon Musk backed up Andrew Sorkin’s claim that non-unionized Tesla staff earn more money than unionized workers in a recent interview with CNBC.

Tesla Employee Benefits for Tesla AU Jobs:

Health Insurance

Tesla offers its employees complete health insurance, just like other firms. Due to its wide range of possibilities, the health insurance plan has been dubbed one of the best in the automotive sector.

Prescription medications, primary healthcare, vision, and dental benefits, medical equipment, hospital lodging, and ambulance costs are all covered by Tesla health insurance. Orthodontic therapies, reconstructive procedures, and routine care are all covered by dental insurance.

The same is true for your vision insurance, which will pay for services like laser eye surgery, contact lenses, and prescription glasses. Refunds of up to $200 are also available to employees who use their vision insurance every two years.

Health Insurance

The life insurance provided by Tesla is unique. Your beneficiaries will get a lump sum payment upon your passing, often equal to twice your annual salary, depending on your insurance coverage.

The top award is $1 million. The same goes for accidental death and dismemberment insurance, which is also available to you and pays out in a lump sum similar to two years’ worth of earnings. The maximum payout is also $1,000,000, and in the event of an accident, it will be paid to your heirs.

Interview Question for Legal Counsel for Tesla Job NSW:

  1. What appeals to you about working as a legal advisor for our sector?
  2. What do you aim to accomplish by working here?
  3. What education or training have you had that has prepared you for this job?
  4. Describe the legal achievements that you are most proud of. What does success mean to you?
  5. Think about a circumstance where you had to consult a professional. What aspects did you think about? What came out of it?
  6. What do other circumstances call for independent counsel?
  7. What is the most difficult legal circumstance you have encountered at work? What approach did you choose to deal with it?
  8. In relation to the earlier query, who else worked on this project? Who played what part?
  9. Describe a time when you regretted a choice you made or committed a mistake. What were your tactics?
  10. What would you say about yourself?
  11. What about this position most appeals to you?
  12. Describe your present job.
  13. Why do you want to quit your current job?
  14. Why are you motivated to work for this organization?
  15. What would you say about the ideal workplace?
  16. What is your knowledge of our sector?
  17. Why should we choose to hire you over other competent applicants?
  18. What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?
  19. What specific objective are you presently pursuing?
  20. Can you describe a recent accomplishment you made and the actions you took to achieve it?
  21. In three to five years, where do you see yourself?

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