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Staff Nurse Jobs in United States 2022, Nursing jobs in USA for foreigners $35/Hour, The staff nurse in the ICU is a nursing practitioner who contributes to the development, implementation, and evaluation of the nursing regimen for assigned patients on his/her unit.

Under the direction and leadership of the head nurse or assistant head nurse, the staff nurse is guided by a thorough knowledge of nursing theory, principles, and standards of quality nursing care. 

Post Name Staff Nurse (Repost)
Company Name NYC Health + Hospitals
Expected Salary USD 30 To USD 35 Per Hour 
Address Bellevue, New York, United States 10016

About NYC Health + Hospitals

NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue is America’s oldest public hospital, established in 1736. Affiliated with the NYU School of Medicine, the 844-bed hospital is a major referral center for highly complex cases, with its 6,000 employees including highly skilled, interdisciplinary clinical staff.

It sees more than 110,000 emergency room visits and 500,000 outpatient visits annually. Bellevue is an academic medical institution of international renown.

We have served as an incubator for major innovations in public health, medical science, and medical education. Bellevue is a Level I Trauma Center delivering around-the-clock care in adult, pediatric, psychiatric, and pediatric psychiatric emergencies as well as in the nationally-designated categories of cardiology, neurology, toxicology, and neonatology.

In addition to providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient state-of-the-art care, Bellevue is a city-wide medical specialty referral source.

Bellevue’s clinical centers of excellence include Emergency Medicine and Trauma Care; Cardiovascular Services; Designated Regional Perinatal Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Comprehensive Children’s Psychiatric Emergency Program; and Cancer Services.


  1. Provides Nursing Care to assigned patients through assessment of patients’ needs, making a nursing diagnosis, and developing and implementing ting a plan of care, which reflect an individualized mode of nursing intervention based on specific population guidelines.
  2. Initiates a Nursing Assessment and Nursing care plan upon admission reflecting long and short-term goals, patient and/or significant other education, and a discharge plan.
  3. Allows patient and/or significant other to participate in the plan of care if possible.
  4. Executes physician’s orders with a clear understanding of the scientific principle of cause and effect.
  5. Collaborates with the Head Nurse in assigning functions to ancillary personnel.
  6. Records pertinent observations on patient chart and reports verbally finding to Head Nurse and/or physician using an approved hand-off tool.
  7. Evaluates the results of nursing intervention and make appropriate changes when necessary.
  8. Administers medications as ordered and charts according to hospital policy and professional standards.
  9. Counts narcotics with incoming and outgoing tour nurses according to hospital policy/procedures.
  10. Educates the patient and/or family and documents with evidence of the teaching.
  11. Assures instructions and educational teaching given to patients are consistent with that of the responsible Medical Practitioner.
  12. Adheres to Infection Control measures, Radiation Safety, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Disaster Preparedness, and the Safety Evaluation Plan.
  13. Attends educational programs offered by Bellevue and by other agencies, in order to foster self-growth.
  14. Participates in departmental and interdisciplinary conferences pertaining to policies and procedures affecting patient care.
  15. Maintains professional competence through participation in continuing Education, and self-directiveness in his/her own educational process.
  16. Performs other professional nursing activities as delegated by Nursing Service Administration.
  17. Participates in PI monitoring activities i.e., data collection.
  18. Communicates with Head Nurse or designee about problems or issues affecting optimal patient care.
  19. Demonstrates competency in Code Management and Responding to Rapid Response Team (RRT) calls.
  20. Verbalizes the importance of cultural sensitivity to diversity in the workforce.
  21. Ensures a safe and secure environment free of hazards to reduce the risk of injury to all customers. (Patients, visitors, and staff).
  22. Conducts risk assessments to reduce adverse events.
  23. Ensures that safety management issues are appropriately addressed.
  24. Explains, involves, and instructs Patients/families concerning the therapeutic regimen and environment of care.
  25. Effectively utilizes electronic and paper medical records.
  26. Demonstrates communication skills including knowledge of Limited English Proficiency (LEP).
  27. Verbalizes awareness of team building.
  28. Complies with required OHS, licensure, and life support requirements.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Identifies and discriminates between physical and psycho-social signs and symptoms. Selects and performs
    those therapeutic measures are essential for the effective execution of the nursing regimen for assigned
  2. Develops, implements, and continuously evaluates the nursing regimen for assigned patients/clients.
  3. Records and maintains nursing care plans and progress notes on patients/clients to ensure continuity of care.
  4. Interprets and reports responses of patients/clients to appropriate members of the health team.
  5. Participates with interdisciplinary health team members to plan a comprehensive patient care program.
  6. Determines and assigns those components of the nursing regimen which may be carried out by allied nursing
  7. Provides teaching, guidance, and direction to allied nursing personnel in rendering patient care.
  8. Participates in defining, implementing, maintaining, and interpreting standards of nursing practice.
  9. Participates in departmental and interdisciplinary conferences pertaining to policies and procedures affecting
    nursing practice.
  10. Participates in determining conditions, resources, and policies essential to the delivery of nursing care
  11. Participates in the development and maintenance of a system of evaluation of nursing care, practices, and
    procedures, including evaluation of nursing personnel.
  12. Interprets philosophy and objectives of agency and Nursing Department to patients/clients, families, and other
  13. Maintains professional competence through participation in continuing education and other appropriate
    learning experiences.
  14. Performs other professional nursing activities as delegated by nursing service administration.

Minimum Qualifications

For individuals holding an unrestricted registered professional nursing license BEFORE July 1, 2020, in New York State, another state, or the United States territory:

  1. A valid New York State license and current registration to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse in New York State; and
  2. Valid and current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) through the American Heart Association (AHA).

For individuals issued a registered professional nursing license on or AFTER July 1, 2020, based on the expected implementation of Chapter 502 of the Laws of 2017 and Chapter 380 of the Laws of 2018:

  1. A valid New York State license and current registration to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse in New York State; and
  • a. A Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing or higher (or another nursing degree, as identified by NYS Education Department including Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Nursing, or Doctor of Nursing Science) from an accredited college or university, registered with the NYSED; or
  • b. Obtains a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing or higher, as described in “a” above, within ten (10) years of the date of initial licensure; and
  1. Valid and current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) through the American Heart Association (AHA).

Nurse Residency Program: Get the support you need to grow and thrive at NYC Health + Hospitals 
All full-time new hires that are recent graduates or new to their specialties are automatically enrolled in our 12-month Nurse Residency Program to assist in the transition to professional nursing practice while delivering patient care in a clinical environment.

The Nurse Residency Program features interactive sessions, special educational events, simulations, and group seminars on evidence-based best practices, decision-making, conflict resolution, end-of-life care, health care quality, patient safety, and more. Participants will receive mentorship support, build relationships with nursing peers and develop leadership skills. For more information, log into

How To Apply

Please be advised that proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required prior to hiring.

If you wish to apply for this position, please apply online by clicking the “Apply Now” button.

NYC Health and Hospitals offer a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Benefits for employees hired to work 20+ hrs. per week
  • Retirement Savings and Pension Plans
  • Loan Forgiveness Programs for eligible employees
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation in accordance with employees’ Collectively bargained contracts
  • College tuition discounts and professional development opportunities
  • Multiple employee discounts programs

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