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Job Overview

If You Want Physician Assistant Jobs in Canada Offering Visa Sponsorship, The Physician Assistant (PA) is a health care provider who always works under the supervision of a registered physician. The PA supports the physician as the principal medical decision maker and the supervising physician is responsible for the direction of the PAs’ activities.

PAs are highly skilled providers that have the knowledge, skills, and experience to work as part of a physician-led team in a variety of clinical settings. In general, PAs will have the skills and experience to deal with medical emergencies, specialized care, and everyday healthcare needs.

Clinical expert competencies are central to the function of PAs and draw on the other competencies of Communication, Collaboration, Management, Health Advocacy, Scholar, and Professionalism.    

Post Name Physician Assistant
Company Name Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
Expected Salary CAD 43 to CAD 51 Per Hour
Address Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 6M2

Responsibility for Getting Physician Assistant Jobs in Canada for Indians:

Clinical Assessment of Patients:

  • Obtain health history as appropriate, including patient demographics, chief complaint, history of the present illness or injury, past medical, surgical, family, and psychosocial history, medications, allergies, and systems review. Ensuring pre-op and post-op assessments are completed and documented
  • Conduct comprehensive and focused physical assessments and interpret findings. This includes assessment of vital signs and examination of all major body systems. In addition, the PA will be able to perform psychological, ob-gyn, neonatal, pediatric, and geriatric assessments.
  • Utilize primary and secondary assessment results to formulate a differential diagnosis and determine if the further clinical investigation is required.
  • Order and complete preliminary interpretation of necessary diagnostic tests, which may include, but are not limited to, hematology, microbiology, chemistry, serology, urinalysis, blood gas, ECG, peak flow, and plain film x-ray.

Demonstrate at least an academic understanding of the performance of the following diagnostic procedures:

  • Routine and micro-urinalysis.
  • Basic hematology Clinical.
  • Chemistry Microbiology.
  • Point of care.
  • Kits Audiometry.
  • Collect blood samples (arterial and venous), minor surgical samples, body secretions, and body fluids (semen, sputum, wound drainage, and urine).


  • When/as directed by a registered physician:
  • Provide relevant information and explanations, including a proposed treatment plan, to the supervising physician and seek further direction where appropriate.
  • Provide education to patients, families, and other health providers as appropriate to the clinical setting.
  • Communicate with other members of the health care team and other hospital departments, both orally, in writing, and electronically.

Medical Documentation and Record Keeping:

  • Maintain clear, accurate, and appropriate records of the patient encounter and management plan.
  • Admission of notes, progress notes, and discharge notes as needed.
  • Dictated records as appropriate.
  • Consultation requests.
  • Other types of documentation as required by the particular setting.

Consultation with Multidisciplinary Team and Surgeons:

  • Collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists in caring for all patients.
  • Working with other specialists including Internal Medicine, Intensivists, and Infectious Disease in caring for patients.

Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Associate Degree
Work Hours 8 Hours 

Skills for Getting 


  1. Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent
  2. Undergraduate Degree
  3. Graduate of a Canadian or US-Accredited Physician Assistant Education Program
  4. Eligible to challenge the National Physician Assistant Certificate Exam, or Canadian Physician Assistant Certification – Mandatory
  5. BCLS, and ACLS


Prior experience in the care of acute surgical patients


  • Integrate all the core PA competencies to provide optimal, ethical, and patient-centered medical care.
  • Perform a complete and appropriate clinical assessment of a patient and formulate a clinical treatment plan.
  • Use preventive and therapeutic interventions effectively.
  • Demonstrate proficient and appropriate use of diagnostic and procedural skills.
  • Recognize their scope of practice while demonstrating effective and appropriate consultation practice with other healthcare professionals in respect to patient care, education, and legal opinions.

About Company

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH), located in Barrie, Ontario, provides safe, high-quality care for residents across a large geographical region including Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka. The area is home to more than 450,000 residents, with half of RVH’s patients living outside the City of Barrie.

As the largest health center in North Simcoe Muskoka, RVH provides highly specialized services, and technology not found anywhere else in the region. This includes the only interventional radiology suites for minimally invasive surgeries, vascular services, and advanced stroke care, as well as dedicated trauma rooms in its large Emergency department.

RVH is also home to the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre, Simcoe Muskoka Regional Heart Program, Simcoe Muskoka Regional Child and Youth Program and the RVH Regional Renal Program meaning distance is no longer a factor for residents receiving lifesaving treatment.

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