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Pharmacist Jobs in UAE for Indians

Job Overview

Pharmacist Jobs in Dubai for Indian, We are looking for a qualified pharmacist to assist customers by interpreting symptoms and providing immediate treatment or to successfully refer customers to a suitable physician.

Pharmacists are responsible for aiding customers by compounding and/or dispensing prescription medications, providing pharmaceutical information to healthcare professionals, monitoring customers’ drug therapies to avoid interactions with other medications, and providing pharmaceutical expertise to customers on the safe use of medications.

You will also prepare pharmaceuticals by reviewing and interpreting physicians’ directives and detecting any therapeutic incompatibilities. To be successful in this role you must be customer-focused and remain up to date with the latest advances in pharmaceutical science.

Post Name Pharmacist
Company Name NMC Health
Address Dubai, United Arab Emirates 00000
Industry Health 

About Company

NMC Health is a healthcare chain and distribution business in the United Arab Emirates. The company is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has branch offices in Dubai, Ajman, Al Ain, and the Northern Emirates. The company operates and manages over 200 facilities in 19 countries.

The company’s mission is to be the trusted healthcare provider across the globe, driven by excellence in innovation, quality, teamwork, advanced technologies, patient safety, and customized care offerings.

Basic Responsibility for Pharmacist Jobs in Dubai Hospitals:

  • Dispense medications to inpatient as per prescription.
  • Reviews and interprets each prescription/ medication order before dispensing to ascertain the correctness of strength, dose instructions, and dosage form.
  • Patient counseling- Provides appropriate patient information concerning the dispensed medications.
  • Clarify any prescription abnormality with the prescribing physician. Any unresolved problems are referred to the chief pharmacist.
  • Compounding and dispensing medications, as prescribed by physicians.
  • Monitoring customers’ drug therapies, advising interventions, and informing customers of any potential side effects.
  • Instructing customers on how and when to take prescribed medications.
  • Conducting health and wellness screenings.
  • Providing immunizations, and other medical services, such as taking blood pressure, temperature measurements, and checking blood sugar levels.
  • Supervise the repackaging, labeling, and documentation of medications issued to other departments.
  • Answers drug-related inquiries received from doctors, nurses, and customers. Those inquiries which cannot be answered with certainty are to be referred to the chief pharmacist.
    Assists in the training of new pharmacists and pharmacist staff as per the direction of the chief pharmacist.
  • Performs specialty pharmacy activities, as delegated and trained.
  • Responsible for medicine’s stock, near expiry medicines monitoring & updating controlled medicine register on a daily wise.
  • Keeping accurate customer records.
  • Ensuring a safe and clean working environment.
  • Completing operational requirements of the pharmacy, including verifying order entries, maintaining records of controlled substances, and charges, and removing expired and/or damaged drugs from the pharmacy’s inventory.
  • Adhering to applicable legal rules, regulations, and procedures governing pharmaceutical practice.
  • Performing other administrative tasks when needed.
  • Performs other miscellaneous duties, as directed by the chief pharmacist.
  • To follow appropriate international guidelines, DHA regulations & Joint Commission International norms while treating or managing patients as well as while discharging their professional duties.  

Salary AED 5000 To AED 6000 Per Month
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy
Remote No

Basic Skills for Hospital Pharmacist Jobs in Dubai:

  •  Education and training. Pharmacists must possess a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from an accredited college or school of pharmacy.
  • At least two (2) years of experience in a hospital as a pharmacist.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and software applications, used by pharmacies, such as MEDITECH and Mediware.
  • Great organizational skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Thorough knowledge of UAE Laws, company policies, and regulations precedents applicable to the area of work.
  • DHA license. 
  • Proven experience as a pharmacist.
  • Valid license to practice as a pharmacist.
  • Detailed understanding and knowledge of dosage requirements and administration, chemical compounds, and pharmaceutical brands.
  • Good command of English. Arabic is desirable but not essential.

Benefits of Working in UAE for Getting Jobs in Dubai:

The United Arab Emirates UAE has been a popular destination for those looking for an overseas career. Besides the numerous job opportunities, there are many advantages of working here which are favorable to international workers.

Tax-free income:-

One of the major benefits of working here is that your income is virtually tax-free. You get to take home the amount you earn without the obligation of paying anything to the government in the form of tax. This will result in a higher disposable income and access to a better quality of life.

Exposure to a multicultural environment:-

More than 80% of Dubai’s population is made up of ex-pats which means that workplaces will have a diverse workforce where employees will be from different countries. The benefit of working here is that you will get exposure to working with people from different countries and also build a network with people from various nations.

This will help you build the ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This will be a valuable addition to your skill sets.

Experience in international projects:-

There are many international companies in Dubai, an opportunity to work in these companies you get valuable experience and if you are involved in a high-profile project, you only add to your professional value.

Benefits for employees:-

As an employee, you get access to various benefits. These include health insurance, 30 days of vacation per annum, and airfare for a round trip to your home country. Apart from this, you can have access to housing allowances, salary bonuses, flexible working hours, and allowance for further education. Also, private-sector employees get 30 days of annual leave after completing one year in a job.

English is the main language:-

English is the most widely spoken language in Dubai and is used by the majority of people living and working here including the local population. This makes it easier for international workers to live and work here.

Safe environment-

Dubai offers a safe environment with low crime which makes it a safe place to live and work in.

Interview Questions for Pharmacist for Dubai Jobs for Indian Graduate:

  1. Why do you want to become a pharmacist?
  2. Two of your technicians aren’t getting along, and customers are starting to notice. How you do handle the situation?
  3. What was your favorite subject while in school? What subject did you struggle with most?
  4. A customer asks about an over-the-counter medication you’ve never heard of before. How would you handle this situation?
  5. A customer returns to the pharmacy with a bottle of prescription medication that is partially used and says it doesn’t work. How would you address the issue?
  6. What do you think is the most important business aspect of being a pharmacist?
  7. You’re out of stock on medication for a customer who is extremely difficult. How would you explain the situation to the patient?

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