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Part Time Jobs Vancouver 2022

Job Overview

Part Time Jobs Vancouver 2022/2023 Apply Now!, for Filipino, for Experienced, The people here at Apple don’t just create products — they enrich the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

You are highly skilled at uncovering customers’ needs, then following through with informative solutions. Always curious, you stay on top of news about products and initiatives, ready to apply your findings in customer interactions.

Providing a magical experience also includes showcasing our icon products, accessories, and services through outstanding merchandising in accordance with Apple standards.

Your success is measured by your ability to create new owners of our products and build a community of committed Apple customers who return to the store for service, support, and future purchases of Apple and related 3rd party products.

You are proud to represent Apple, and you get great happiness from helping customers do more with our devices and increment their engagement with our brand. It’s the diversity of our people and their ideas that encourages the innovation that runs through everything we do, from amazing technology to industry-leading environmental efforts.

As a Part-Time Reseller Sales Specialist based in a reseller store, you will work a schedule that includes evenings and weekends, approximately 25 hours per week. You will help create the energy and excitement around Apple products, providing the right solutions and getting products into customers’ hands.

You understand that Apple is dedicated to delivering a customer experience that’s unlike any other. It starts with you discovering customers’ needs.

You match those needs with the right products, and then with the support of your partner, you help customers develop lifelong relationships with Apple. Every day you’ll encounter outstanding opportunities to change lives and make a difference!

Post Name Part-Time Reseller Sales Specialist
Company Name Apple
Expected Salary CAD 25 to CAD 28 Per Hour
Address Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 1C7

Responsibility for Apple Jobs in Vancouver:

  • Directing the sales staff and helping with hiring and onboarding new employees.
  • Giving staff and customers product presentations and taking the initiative to handle issues.
  • Evaluating the success of the sales team and planning training/refresher sessions accordingly.
  • Carrying out market research and communicating findings to the group.
  • Collaborating with the team to develop customer acquisition strategies.
  • Establishing sales goals and putting incentives in place.
  • Supplying precise sales projections and assigning resources to achieve goals.
  • Coordinating a network of suppliers and providers.
  • Maintaining excellent, trust-based client relationships while inspiring the rest of the sales staff to do the same.
  • Keeping up on marketing innovations.

Industry Private
Schedule Type Part Time
Education Required Degree in Sales
Remote No

Skills for Apple Vancouver Salary:

  • You see the world through the eyes of the customer by deeply understanding their business needs, challenges, and concerns. You obsess over the details and how customers experience our devices and services. You not only meet our customers’ expectations, but you exceed them.
  • You believe that effective communication is key. You actively listen and explore endless possibilities with customers. You recognize customer needs can often be outstanding – you patiently listen to every detail and translate them into simple solutions.
  • You reinforce and support Apple Training programs available to store staff.
  • You strive to maintain an outstanding brand presentation based on Apple’s merchandising standards.
  • You strive for excellence in everything you do and are dedicated to continuous learning about Apple products and solutions.
  • Apple doesn’t cut corners, in products or in business. You bring the highest level of integrity, honesty, and accountability in all that you do, every single day. You are a trusted advisor who does what you say you’ll do – and always does what’s best for Apple.

About Company

Apple Inc., formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc., is an American producer of desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, computer accessories, and software.

It was the first prosperous personal computer business and helped make the graphical user interface more common. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne established Apple as the Apple Computer Company in order to create and market Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer.

The firm was founded as Apple Computer, Inc. by Jobs and Wozniak, and its subsequent computer, the Apple II, quickly rose to popularity.

Through its cutting-edge hardware, software, and internet offerings, Apple aims to provide the finest personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals, and consumers worldwide.

Benefits of Working in a Company for Apple Jobs Canada:

1. Health and Wellness:-

Excellent health insurance, including dental and eye treatment, is provided to Apple employees. At Apple’s corporate headquarters in California, staff members have access to a variety of medical specialists, including doctors, chiropractors, and specialists in mental wellness.

Other health advantages offered to Apple employees include:

  • Life insurance and additional life insurance.
  • Disability protection.
  • Workplace accident protection.
  • medical care for retirees.

2. Vacation and Time Off:-

Apple supports a good work-life balance. For new recruits, paid time off (PTO) for vacation and sick days ranges from 15 to 20 days annually.

This increases to 20 to 30 days of vacation and leaves each year for senior employees.

3. Parental Leave:-

Apple has a maternity leave policy that is both unusual and generous. Prior to giving birth, new women are entitled to four weeks of paid leave, followed by 14 weeks of maternity leave. It’s also possible to take an additional six weeks of unpaid leave.

Six weeks of paid leave are also available to fathers and adoptive parents.

4. Commuting:-

The worst part of most employees’ workdays is the commute. As a result, Apple sweetens the deal for its workers by providing a free, special shuttle service for those who reside in Cupertino, the location of Apple’s California headquarters.

Additionally, the company gives workers a $100 stipend to put toward bus fares and other transportation expenses.

5. Gym Credit:-

It is commonly established that productivity and mental health are strongly correlated with physical fitness. Apple provides its employees with a $300 gym voucher each month to use toward their own physical wellness.

6. Stock Purchase Program:-

A worker’s motivation to put in more effort to help a firm succeed has been shown to increase when they feel emotionally invested in it. Apple offers a company stock purchase scheme that enables employees to purchase discounted stock using available stock grants.

7. Tuition And Self Improvement:-

Apple has its own “university,” which serves as a campus-based training facility aimed at educating staff members about the company’s culture, principles, and social responsibility.

Employees can upgrade their abilities by taking online classes and attending personal finance seminars.
Apple also provides up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement for its workers.

Interview Question for Part-Time Reseller Sales Specialist for Apple Jobs in Canada 2022:

  1. In the next five to ten years, where do you see your career going?
  2. What drives you to be productive at work?
  3. What qualifies you as a successful salesperson?
  4. What motivated you to apply for this job?
  5. What areas do you think our business can develop?
  6. Do you have any inquiries you’d want to direct towards me?
  7. Describe what you hope to get out of working in this job.
  8. What do you think of our business?
  9. Are there any aspects of sales that you dislike?
  10. How did you seal the deal on your largest sale?
  11. When is it appropriate to avoid trying to sell a client?
  12. Sell this pencil to me.
  13. Have you rejected a potential client?
  14. How can you keep up with your intended audience?
  15. What makes you want to quit your job now?
  16. How can you establish a lasting connection with a prospect?
  17. Give me an example of when you erred. How did you handle the circumstances?
  18. What do you consider the ideal working atmosphere to be?
  19. How can marketing material assist you in making a sale?
  20. What part does social media have in closing a deal with a prospect?
  21. What programs or technical skills are you interested in learning? How would you practice using them effectively?
  22. Have you ever questioned a potential customer about their decision not to buy from you? What were you going to take
  23. away from that strategy?
  24. Describe a time when your manager made a negative comment to you. What was your reaction to it?
  25. Describe a time when you significantly impacted your firm.

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