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Remote Software Engineer Jobs in London UK

Job Overview

Online Jobs UK, Work from Home Jobs in UK The Junior Software Development Engineer role contributes to the creation of innovative solutions that meet the changing demands of the business and emerging industry trends and standards. This is primarily a software engineering role.

The vast majority of effort in this role will be high-quality coding and working with equivalent / related roles. The role is responsible for the development of EMIS Health products within a self-managed team; for leading team initiatives and coaching, and for driving standards, improvements, and innovation within their pod.

Post Name Junior Software Development Engineer
Company Name EMIS Group Ltd
Expected Salary GBP 32000 to GBP 35000 Per Year
Address Work From Home

Responsibility for Software Engineering Jobs in London for Freshers:

  • Write high-quality, efficient, and functional code that meets our coding and quality standards
  • Applies our engineering strategy, application architecture, and component design as well as our engineering principles, practices, and standards.
  • Carries out work as defined by the Technical Lead and Product Owner
  • Maintain a high standard of engineering quality within the team.
  • Escalation of operational risks and issues.
  • Adopt a general understanding of our custom settings and how this applies to building high-quality healthcare products.

Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Degree in Computer Science
Remote Yes

Required experience for Remote Software Engineer Jobs Europe:

  • C# and SQL Understanding
  • TypeScript / JavaScript
  • Node (NPM)
  • React
  • Unit testing (e.g. Jest)
  • Functional / Integration testing (e.g. Cypress)
  • CI/CD pipelines (e.g. GitHub Actions, Jenkins, ADO, etc)
  • API integration (e.g. REST, GraphQL)

Desired experience for Remote Software Engineer Jobs Entry Level:

  • Serverless cloud (e.g. Azure, AWS, GCP, Netlify etc)
  • Infrastructure as Code (e.g. CDK, Terraform)
  • Databases (SQL & NoSQL)

Expectations for Best Remote Software Engineering Jobs UK:

  • 1 Month – Understanding our business, our engineering philosophy and processes, embedding into the team and beginning to make small contributions.
  • 2 Months – Accelerating contribution to the team’s goals
  • 3 Months plus – Consistent contribution to the team’s goals

About Company

Benefits of Working in a Company:

As well as a competitive salary, you’ll get a benefits package that includes a generous pension, a healthcare cash plan, life assurance, and access to LinkedIn learning. You’ll get 25 days of holiday, bank holidays, and the ability to buy or sell up or down 5 days.

Some Post-Related Questions or FAQs:

1. Can you work remotely as a software engineer?

Flexible work is perfect for the software development sector. People looking for work in this field can discover a wide range of flexible software developer jobs because most of the work can be completed online, making long-term work from home a possibility.

2. Are software engineers in demand in London?

London is now the #1 location in Europe for software engineers because of the expansion of the tech industry, according to London & Partners. The analysis estimates that there are 357,900 software developers working across all industries in London, based on information from Stack Overflow.

3. How much can you make as a remote software engineer? 

The average yearly compensation for remote software developers is $72,177. However, this annual compensation varies depending on the role: $70,002 for a front-end developer. $73,293 for a back-end developer.

4. Do remote software engineers make less?

Software developers who work fully remotely make 21.9% more than those who never or only occasionally work remotely.

5. How hard is it to work remotely as a software engineer?

A 100% remote workplace is different from an office setting with a work-from-home option. It’s merely simpler. You don’t experience a sense of exile or worry that you’re missing out on important office communications and activities.

6. What is a good salary for a software engineer in London?

In the London, United Kingdom, area, a software engineer makes an average pay of £53,392 per year. The additional cash salary for a software engineer in the London, United Kingdom, area ranges from £1,304 to £37,062, with an average of £6,952.

7. Is it worth moving to the UK as a software engineer?

The good news is that the average income for software engineers in London is significantly higher. (According to government figures, this will be £36,000 in 2020, compared to a London-based software engineer’s average salary of £52,900.)

8. Do remote jobs pay well?

Since the pandemic, earning a respectable income and taking advantage of remote work have grown considerably more prevalent, demonstrating that it is feasible to succeed financially by working from home. Nowadays, candidates with desirable credentials and expertise can be certain to get high-paying remote work.

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