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Job Overview

Jobs in Australia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2022, We have a small, great team working together to champion human-centered design in a rapidly growing market.

We’re looking for a Director of Operations with a keen eye for optimizing processes, overseeing compliance/risk matters, and an ability to budget with the best of them. An incredible opportunity for an experienced operations leader ready for their next move.

Post Name Director Of Operations
Address Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3066
Company Name UsabilityHub
Industry Private

Who We Are:

UsabilityHub is a remote UX research platform that helps organizations deliver products that perfectly fit their customers’ needs. We empower designers to engage directly with users and get rich feedback, quickly and easily. We’ve been championing human-centered design practices for over 10 years with big and small customers including Asana, Google, Metalab, UsTwo, Unilever, and Zendesk.

Our product is loved by our users, and our growth to date has been mainly via in-bound organic traffic driven by word of mouth. We’re ripe for an effective, results-driven operations leader to come in, build the function and help us supercharge our growth. As the market for user research is hotting up, we need your help to ride the wave and grab hold of our product’s potential.

Who You Are:

  • You’re an executor at heart who enjoys being hands-on, creating and running systems and processes. For you, turning an ok process into something clean, efficient, and easily implemented is rewarding, but the real joy comes from seeing that process produce results.
  • You’re a strategic and structured thinker. You are driven by finding solutions to simple and complex problems alike. You pay attention to the details and nuances which helps create a solid understanding of company governance, global tax, and compliance, and data and privacy regulations.
  • You are analytical and results focussed. You love collecting data and analyzing the evidence to see what’s working, what needs a tweak, and what was a cool idea that just didn’t cut it. You’re courageous enough to try new things and humble enough to kill something that’s not working.
  • You are thorough and organized and quite possibly have a legal, accounting/finance, or data background. This technical experience makes you a great risk manager, pragmatic process creator, and efficient communicator. 
  • You’re an experienced leader who enjoys building teams and intimately understands that establishing systems and processes that promote company culture and vision pays generous dividends. 

Salary AUD 149000 To AUD 155000 Per Year
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Graduate 
Remote No

Some Things You Might Have Done:

  • You likely have experience in building an operations function from the ground up, or you might have worked as operations lead within a fast-paced and expanding team. 
  • Budgets, forecasts, and project management are all second nature to you. You’ve certainly overseen, created and coordinated budgets, projects, and policies for global cross-functional teams to help the business run smoothly and smash targets. 
  • You’re growth focussed, goal-oriented, and performance-driven. You’ve likely worked closely with executives and stakeholders to understand business goals, define performance targets and implement solutions to ensure areas like product, strategy, and finance are working effectively together to drive business growth.
  • You may have experience in working with expert partners to oversee global tax matters, data and privacy regulations, and compliance requirements in multiple markets.
  • It’s likely your interesting and varied experience has honed your operational knowledge and sharpened your process tools and system implementation skills. 

Picture Yourself in The Role:

If you were here for this month, you would have:

  • Met with the leadership team to understand the current organizational operations whilst identifying existing opportunities and challenges. 
  • Strategized with our CEO (Matt) and CPO (and outgoing COO) Tristan on how we can optimize the intersectional functional roles of product, operations, and finance to drive UsabilityHub’s growth and performance. 
  • Brainstormed and understood the business operational needs of all functional leads, identifying quick wins and highlighting near and mid-term processes, systems, and reporting opportunities.  
  • Worked closely with our external CFO and accounting firm to help manage our budgets, and forecasts and recommend where we should focus to drive growth and revenue. 
  • Worked with Shelley (our Director of P&C) to define our development goals, optimize our ways of working, communicate our performance metrics, and refine our reporting processes to help the team work at their best.
  • Met with Mich (our Office and Operations Manager) to understand our current operational processes, policies, and governance structures and determine what’s working well and what can be streamlined and optimized.  
  • Workshopped operational strategies and reporting processes with the leadership team for how we set our strategic objectives, measure and track our performance and deliver key organizational updates to our people. 
  • Worked closely with the leadership team and our accounting and legal partners to start designing our corporate governance and compliance requirements in our multiple jurisdictions, highlighting any risks and your plan to mitigate and manage them. 


This role is open to candidates living anywhere with at least 6 hours of overlap with business hours for our Melbourne office.

Perks and Benefits:

  • A work-life balance that fits your needs. Team members can choose between 4-day work weeks, 9-day fortnights, or full-time hours.
  • A share in our success. All team members get a percentage of profits every quarter and a meaningful equity stake in the business.
  • Generous parental leave. We support growing families with 14 weeks of fully paid leave for primary carers and 6 weeks for secondary carers.
  • An investment in your development. We offer AU$1,500 per year for you to spend on books, courses, and events along with 6 paid Level Up days.
  • Everything you need to do your best work. Whether you’re working from home, in a co-working space, or in our office, we’ll cover your gear, office rent, and furniture.
  • Access to individual executive coaching with an independent coach.

Keen to Apply?

Please upload your resume (or Linkedin profile) and a cover letter that addresses these three questions:

  1. What is a common operational failing that you see businesses make? How would you resolve this problem? 
  2. Tell us about a recent work win which improved operations. What made this triumph so significant for you?
  3. What’s something you’ve learned recently that changed the way you think about your work? What convinced you?

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