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Tampere University

Clinical teacher (obstetrics and gynecology)

As a clinical teacher of obstetrics and gynecology, your task is to provide and promote the teaching in the field, conduct and guide scientific research, monitor the development of science in the field, and participate in social interaction and international cooperation in the field.

The clinical teacher’s side job is at the beginning of the employment relationship in Pirkanmaa’s welfare area (Tays).


  • Successful completion of the task requires.
  • as a rule, a suitable doctoral degree. A person with a university degree who is very well versed in the task.
  • field and teaching activities can also be selected for the position.
  • evidence of independent scientific research.
  • the ability to provide high-level research-based teaching and guidance.
  • In addition, we require fluent Finnish and English language skills, good cooperation and interaction skills, and practical familiarity with the task area. Practical familiarity is demonstrated by the rights and clinical experience of a specialist in that field.

In the selection, we take into account university pedagogical studies or other pedagogical teaching merits and teaching experience.

The University of Tampere is a unique, multidisciplinary, and developing community that boldly looks to the future. Important values for us are openness, criticality, diversity, learner orientation, courage, civility and responsibility.

We hope that you can commit to these values and that you will promote activities in accordance with them in your own role.

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