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Test Engineer

The purpose of this role is to prepare test cases and perform testing of the product/ platform/ solution to be deployed at a client and ensure its meets 100% quality assurance parameters.


Instrumental in understanding the test requirements and test case design of the product

    1. Authoring test planning with appropriate knowledge of business requirements and corresponding testable requirements.
    2. Implementation of Wipro’s way of testing using Model-based testing and achieving an efficient way of test generation.
    3. Ensuring the test cases are peer-reviewed and achieving less rework.
    4. Work with the development team to identify and capture test cases, and ensure version.
    5. Setting the criteria, parameters, and scope/out-scope of testing and involvement in UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
    6. Automate the test life cycle process at the appropriate stages through vb macros, scheduling, GUI automation, etc.

To design and execute the automation framework and reporting

    1. Develop and automate tests for software validation by setting up test environments, designing test plans, developing test cases/scenarios/usage cases, and executing these cases.
    2. Ensure the test defects raised are as per the norm defined for the project/program/account with clear descriptions and replication patterns.
    3. Detect bug issues and prepare file defect reports and report test progress.
    4. No instances of rejection/slippage of delivered work items and they are within the Wipro / Customer SLAs and norms.
    5. Design and timely release of test status dashboard at the end of every cycle test execution to the stakeholders.
    6. Providing feedback on usability and serviceability, tracing the result to the quality risk, and reporting it to concerned stakeholders.

Status Reporting and Customer Focus on an ongoing basis with respect to testing and its execution

    1. Ensure good quality of interaction with customers w.r.t. e-email content, fault report tracking, voice calls, business etiquette, etc.
    2. On-time deliveries – WSRs, Test execution report, and relevant dashboard updates in the Test management repository.
    3. Updates of accurate efforts in eCube, TMS, and other project-related trackers.
    4. Timely Response to customer requests and no instances of complaints either internally or externally.

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