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Research Assistant

Summer trainees will work in the research groups in many different assisting tasks. The research is related to a wide range of fields, including environmental sciences, material physics, light-matter interaction, laser applications, and numerical algorithms.

The objective of the Unit is to balance basic and industrially applicable research, having both performed with excellence in each of the research areas.

The positions will be filled for a fixed-term period of 3 months, commencing on 1 June 2023 or as mutually agreed. A trial period of 1 month applies.

  • Aerosol physics

Aerosol particles significantly affect ambient air quality and human health and play an important role in the climate system through seeding clouds and influencing radiative balance. Our research fields include aerosol instrumentation, combustion aerosols, atmospheric aerosols, aerosol chemistry, aerosol nanoparticle synthesis, and nanostructured coatings.

The strategic aim is to study anthropogenic emissions in a wider context including atmospheric relevance and fate. Our approach is both experimental and computational and covers topical items such as molecular-level aerosol precursor formation, subsequent nanoparticle/cluster production, and the ultimate formation of secondary aerosols.

  • Computational physics

Modeling and simulations have an increasing role in fundamental sciences and they are also pivotal in the analysis, interpretation, and exploitation of Big Data. The Computational Physics Laboratory develops and uses advanced methodological and numerical tools for various applications in modern physics.

Our current activities include material and molecular modeling, electronic structure theory, quantum control and dynamics, topological quantum matter, statistical physics, low-dimensional nanomaterials, and multidisciplinary challenges in, e.g., computational cardiology.

  • Photonics

Photonics, as an enabling technology similar to electronics, underpins much of modern science and knowledge-intensive technology. Our vision is that the next revolution in photonics will rely on new advanced light sources, exquisite control of light fields, as well

as on new materials and nanostructures with tailorable and tunable optical properties. Advances in these fields will provide new capabilities in the future for multiple application areas such as medicine, communication, solar energy, and monitoring of the environment.


We are looking for science and engineering students who enjoy problem-solving and are able to think independently while also being able to work in multinational research environments and have good social and team working skills.

The potential candidates could be e.g. a 1-4-year student, who has successfully completed his/her studies e.g. in physics, mathematics, and chemistry. A good command of English, both in writing and in oral presentations, will be an asset.

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