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Cybersecurity-asiantuntija @CIS

Are you a Cybersecurity expert who is interested in building your skills on top of an already strong technical foundation? Are you motivated by a work environment where responsibility and freedom meet, and implementations are done with the cooperation of a local team for a local customer?

If you answered yes, keep reading!

We are now looking for a person for the Projects & Consulting unit of our Cloud Infrastructure Services business who, through his practical work experience, considers himself an expert in the design, maintenance, and project tasks of Cloud Security and Microsoft 365 Security solutions. Unfortunately, this role is not yet suitable for a recent graduate, but otherwise, we are open regarding the level of experience – the job description does not end with challenges and dimensions.

At the core of the job description are the planning and implementation of information security of various cloud solutions (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform) and Microsoft 365 solutions. You are familiar with security-related terms such as Azure AD, Microsoft Defender, Intune, and Microsoft Sentinel. In this position, you will develop and maintain M365 and cloud data security in several different customer environments.

We expect you to already be up to speed with cloud service providers and Microsoft certifications and to be motivated to continue on this path. In addition, you need previous experience in managing M365 and cloud environments.

We expect you to be in your comfort zone when communicating in both English and Finnish – our company language is English, but you will mainly operate in Finnish with your team and customers.

The person selected for the position will be given a basic security clearance

You will be comfortable in this position if you are comfortable working independently and in the customer interface. You know how to act boldly, relying on your own judgment and professionalism.

You keep your information skills constantly up to date and know how to take into account the essential information security requirements of different environments. You are motivated by the fact that you can boldly bear responsibility for the end result of your own work and thus customer satisfaction.

At Capgemini, you can focus on your work in peace as an expert, and we trust that you know how to manage your work best yourself, regardless of your location. However, you can get help from your team when you need it.

In addition to the team’s support, we promise you top-class tools for studying and developing yourself, so your professional development shouldn’t get stuck there either. So if you want to continue growing your expertise in local projects that emphasize freedom and responsibility with a local team, tell us about yourself, even today!

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