Caregiver Jobs in Luxembourg For Foreigners

whizz mills

Job Description

CDI 40 hours

We offer you the opportunity to integrate yourself into a modern and stable work environment. Become part of our enthusiastic team and contribute to our educational mission in one of our existing or planned butzemills.


It is important to submit the diploma/recognition of the diploma, the work permit, and the classification of your professional qualification with your application. Any incomplete application will not be considered. When it comes to an employment interview, it is also important to present the certificate that the diploma is officially registered.

In what structures?

  • Have a diploma DAP Auxiliaire de vie
  • Have a sense of responsibility and organization
  • A well-groomed appearance
  • Be punctual and professional
  • create exactly
  • Be friendly, have team spirit, and be autonomous, flexible, and motivated
  • Have an honest and open character

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