Biotechnology Jobs In Finland

Helsinki University

Postdoctoral Positions in Evolutionary Developmental Biology and/or Bioinformatics and Omics

The University of Helsinki is one of the world s leading universities for multidisciplinary research. HiLIFE Helsinki Institute of Life Science is a research institute that supports high-quality life science research across University campuses and faculties.

The research activities at the Institute of Biotechnology consist of several research teams focusing on a specific area of cell and developmental biology, genomics, and evolutionary biology, or structural biology.

The Vertebrate Evolution, Development, and Regeneration group of Research Director Nicolas Di-Poi at the Institute of Biotechnology investigate a number of questions central to our understanding of craniofacial evolution and development in vertebrates.

As an innovative approach, the laboratory takes advantage of squamate reptile models (lizards and snakes) to elucidate the developmental genetic basis of vertebrate craniofacial diversity but also to provide an evolutionary context to developmental disorders. Reptiles represent key emerging model systems in Evo-Devo as they display an exceptional array of lifestyles, ecologies, morphologies, and regenerative capacities.

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