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Formal Verification Engineer


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Do you have experience being at the center of a System-on-a-chip (SoC) design verification effort collaborating with design?

Are you passionate about changing the world? We have a critical impact on getting high-quality functional products to millions of customers quickly and we are hiring at all levels from junior to senior roles.

Key Qualifications

  • Knowledge of SoC/CPU/GPU designs, VLSI, and digital logic design and verification techniques.
  • Developed formal property proofs on industrial strength designs and architectures.
  • Deep understanding of pipeline architectures, memory/DMA controllers, out-of-order and speculative instruction execution hardware, bus interconnects, and cache coherence mechanisms.
  • Confirmed understanding of formal verification technologies/abstraction techniques.
  • Knowledge and experience in interpreting hardware specifications and using them.
  • – temporal logic assertion-based languages such as SVA or PSL
  • – Experience in using EDA formal tools and tool development experience is a plus
  • – Proficiency in any scripting language with excellent debugging skills
  • – Extraordinary teammate with excellent interpersonal skills
  • – Passionate about developing world-class/innovative formal verification solutions


  • As a formal verification architect leading the complete formal verification for single or multiple design blocks and IPs (CPU, GPU, Media IP, Security IP, Peripheral IP, Interconnects, Power management subsystems, etc.), you will be responsible for:
  • Working with SOC and IP design teams to develop a formal micro-architecture specification.
  • Developing a comprehensive formal verification test plan.
  • Proving properties of the design, finding design bugs, and working closely with design teams to help improve the micro-architecture.
  • Architecting novel and innovative solutions for verifying complex design micro-architectures.
  • Developing and implementing re-usable and optimized formal models and verification code base.
  • Architecting correct-by-construction design methodologies for improved formal verification efficiency and productivity.

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