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Software Engineer Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Job Overview

IT Jobs In Abu Dhabi 2022/2023 Apply Now!, The Software Engineer will be responsible for tasks as assigned by the Software Lead and will consist of Software Coding, Test Design, Unit tests, System tests, Configuration Management, Verification of Software Requirements, and Software Related Processes in support of maintenance and development activities for the EADGE-T Software Baseline.

The Software Engineer requires an individual with a keen interest in how things work and be motivated by creating software solutions for challenging problems.

A logical and careful approach to analyzing requirements, creating appropriate designs, and developing implementation solutions, as well as an understanding of the role of tests in ensuring the delivery of mature products are required traits of Engineers at Lockheed Martin.

Post Name Software Engineer Asc
Company Name Lockheed Martin Corporation
Expected Salary AED 15000 to AED 18000 Per Month
Address Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 00000

Responsibility for Jobs Hiring in Abu Dhabi 2022:

  • Working with senior engineers in discussions with customers during requirements analysis, converting operational needs into technical requirements specifications.
  • Contributing to the design of high-level software architectures.
  • Designing and implementing software solutions based on Business & Customer Requirements.
  • Supporting agile software development teams throughout the development, testing, and system acceptance phases.
  • Supporting Integration & Test team during formal test phases.
  • Performing technical investigations of problems raised against the operational systems.

Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Degree in Computer Science
Remote No

Required skills, Qualifications, and Experience for :

  • Degree in a STEM subject, preferably Computer Science or Software Engineering but all STEM degrees will be considered
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage own time to meet program needs
  • Problem determination & resolution
  • Good IT skills in a range of SW packages would be an advantage

Desired Skills for Abu Dhabi Jobs for Indians:

  • Appreciation of Operating Systems e.g. Windows (.NET), UNIX / Linux.
  • Database experience (SQL/NoSQL).
  • UML.
  • Java/J2EE.
  • Javascript / React / Node.
  • C, C++, C#.
  • Jenkins/GitLab or equivalent CI/CD tools.
  • Static/dynamic analysis tools, source code/design configuration management tools, etc.
  • Knowledge of different lifecycles etc e.g. Agile, Waterfall, V-Model, DevOps.

Business Environment for IT Jobs in Abu Dhabi 2022:

At Lockheed Martin International we are driven by innovation and integrity, we believe that by applying the highest standards of business ethics and visionary thinking, everything is within our reach – and yours, as a Lockheed Martin employee. Lockheed Martin values your skills, training, and education. Come join us at Lockheed Martin and experience your future.

Equal Opportunity Statement for Abu Dhabi Software Engineer Salary:

Lockheed Martin supports Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity in the workplace by creating a place of employment that is, harassment free, diverse, fair, ethical, inclusive, and values the contribution of all its employees.

Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our culture and reflect our values of doing what’s right, respecting others, and performing with excellence. By leveraging our employees’ unique talents and experiences, we will deliver innovative, affordable solutions and unparalleled customer value.

About Company

A global firm with interests in aircraft, weaponry, military, information security, and technology, Lockheed Martin Corporation is an American company. It was created by the union of Martin Marietta and Lockheed Corporation.

Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company with its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. It employs about 114,000 people worldwide and focuses primarily on the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and maintenance of advanced technology systems, products, and services.

Our Mission

We solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers keep people safe.

Our Vision

Be the global leader in supporting our customers’ missions, strengthening security, and advancing scientific discovery.

Interview Question for Software Engineer for IT Jobs in Abu Dhabi for Freshers:

1. What different types of software are there?


Software products can be broadly divided into:

  • Operating systems, compilers, drivers, and other types of system software are included in this category.
    Software for networking and web development: Networking software gives computers the ability to communicate with one another and with data storage facilities.
  • Software that is embedded within devices including washing machines, satellites, microwaves, TVs, and other instrumentation and control equipment
  • Expert systems, decision support systems, pattern recognition software, artificial neural networks, and other software types fall under the area of artificial intelligence.
  • Software for scientists and engineers that supports their needs in carrying out enterprise-specific tasks AutoCAD, for instance, and MATLAB are examples.

2. What qualities does software have?


The following six factors define software:

  • Functionality: The capabilities of the software are referred to as their capabilities. A calculator, for instance, can be used to execute mathematical operations.
  • Efficiency is the capacity of the software to make the best use of the resources made available to it.
  • Software that is more efficient uses resources more effectively and costs less.
  • Reliability: The likelihood that software will run without interruption in a given setting. It is an essential quality of software.
  • Usability: This term describes how well a user can use a piece of software. The level of user happiness is influenced by usability.
  • Maintainability is defined as the simplicity with which software code may be fixed, enhanced, and understood. A stage in the software development process happens after the customer receives the product.

3. Which SDLC model is the most effective?

Agile is the greatest SDLC methodology and one of the most popular SDLCs in the IT industry, according the annual State of Agile study. It works effectively in a flexible setting since it is a hybrid of incremental and iterative approaches. Therefore, choose the type that best meets your needs.

4. What advantages does the incremental model have?

  • It can deliver iterations more quickly, even in the initial iteration.
  • Development occurs concurrently with one another.
  • By employing this strategy, we can lower the price of the initial delivery.
  • At each step, the user or customer can offer feedback, helping to prevent unanticipated changes in the need.
  • The management of risks can be done on a module-by-module basis.

5. What is SRS?

SRS is a formal report that represents software so that clients can determine whether it satisfies their needs. It is a list of prerequisites for a given piece of software, program, or collection of apps that carry out particular duties in a particular setting.

It also comprises specific system requirements specs and user demands for the system. It serves a multitude of functions, depending on who is writing it.

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