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Job in Abu Dhabi for Indians

Job Overview

Intern Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Data Analyst Jobs in Abu Dhabi, A data analyst Intern to become a key member of the operations team supporting data management, streamlining, archiving, visualization, analysis, and problem resolution. This person will work closely with all administrative departments and the operations team to ensure the integrity of the data.

To expand our data team, we are looking to hire a data analyst. You will be in charge of maintaining our master data set, creating reports, and resolving data problems. You need a keen eye for detail, work experience as a data analyst, and in-depth knowledge of the most used databases and tools for data analysis if you want to succeed in this position.

Post Name Data Analyst Intern
Company Name Alpin Limited
Expected Salary AED 8000 to AED 10000 Per Month
Address Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 00000

Responsibility for Internship Jobs in Abu Dhabi:

  • Using automated tools to extract data from primary and secondary sources.
  • Removing corrupted data and fixing errors and related problems.
  • Developing and maintaining databases, and data systems – reorganizing data in a readable format.
  • Performing analysis to assess the quality and meaning of data.
  • Knowledge of data visualization software, preferably Power BI.
  • Filter Data by reviewing reports and performance indicators to identify patterns or problems.
  • Using statistical tools to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets could be helpful for decision-making.
  • Ability to research market trends, and monitor data patterns for business-related decision-making.
  • Assigning numerical value to essential business functions so that business performance can be assessed and compared over periods of time.
  • Preparing reports for the management stating trends, patterns, and predictions using relevant data.
  • Working with Operations, Business Development, Accounts, and HR leaders to identify process improvement opportunities, propose system modifications, and devise data governance strategies.
  • Preparing final analysis reports for the stakeholders to understand the data-analysis steps, enabling them to take important decisions based on various facts and trends.
  • Formatting and proofreading of data, documents, and PowerPoint presentations;
  • Design and standardization of forms and formatting in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Strong mathematical skills to help collect, measure, organize, and analyze data.
  • Technical proficiency in database design development, data models, techniques for data mining, and segmentation.
Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Degree in Related Field
Remote No

HSE Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability for Internship Jobs in Abu Dhabi for Indian:

  • In addition to your responsibility towards following ALPIN’s Integrated Management System, every employee at ALPIN is required to familiarize themselves with ALPIN’s Environmental Impact Assessment and contribute towards minimizing their individual environmental impact in the course of their work;
  • It is the duty of all employees to act within the legal responsibilities imposed upon them and the Company’s Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety policies. All employees must familiarize themselves with the Company’s Integrated Management System’s policies and procedures.

Skills for Internship in Abu Dhabi for International Students:

About Company

We’re passionate about delivering the best, most sustainable solutions for the built environment. Welcome to Alpin. Our passion for meeting even the most complex of challenges and our fully integrated service means our clients turn to us for support with mission-critical, mega-developments.

Thanks to projects such as high-performing government buildings, high-profile museums, the metro, and the aerospace network in our portfolio, Alpin has fast become the region’s leading and most trusted name in specialist technical advisory services.

We aim to revolutionize and commercialize technical elements of the construction industry and the construction process itself. Putting sustainability of design and construction, and operation efficiency at the height of our focus. Positively impact both locally and globally on large scale.

As a young-at-heart company brimming with creative energy, we are always searching for talented individuals who can support our passion for sustainability and excellence.

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Benefits of Working in Abu Dhabi for Intern Jobs in Abu Dhabi 2022:

The United Arab Emirates UAE has been a popular destination for those looking for an overseas career. Besides the numerous job opportunities, there are many advantages of working here which are favorable to international workers.
Tax-free income:- One of the major benefits of working here is that your income is virtually tax-free. You get to take home the amount you earn without the obligation of paying anything to the government in the form of tax. This will result in a higher disposable income and access to a better quality of life.
Exposure to a multicultural environment:- More than 80% of Dubai’s population is made up of ex-pats which means that workplaces will have a diverse workforce where employees will be from different countries.
The benefit of working here is that you will get exposure to working with people from different countries and also build a network with people from various nations. This will help you build the ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This will be a valuable addition to your skill sets.
Experience in international projects:- There are many international companies in Dubai, For an opportunity to work in these companies you get valuable experience and if you are involved in a high-profile project, you only add to your professional value.
Benefits for employees:-  As an employee, you get access to various benefits. These include health insurance, 30 days of vacation per annum, and airfare for a round trip to your home country.
Apart from this, you can have access to housing allowances, salary bonuses, flexible working hours, and an allowance for further education. Also, private-sector employees get 30 days of annual leave after completing one year in a job.
English is the main language:- English is the most widely spoken language in Dubai and is used by the majority of people living and working here including the local population. This makes it easier for international workers to live and work here.
Safe environment:- Dubai offers a safe environment with a low crime which makes it a safe place to live and work in.