Health Care Assistant Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship £20

Job Details:

Post Name Health Care Assistant
Company Name UCH
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hour 8 Hours
Location London, England, United Kingdom NW1 2BU
Salary GBP 25158 To GBP 26206 Per Year
Qualification High School Diploma


  • Communicate clearly, effectively, and appropriately with the multidisciplinary
  • team, patients, and their families/visitors/carers
  • Respond appropriately to queries, take phone messages and pass on written and verbal information to patients
  • Provide basic information to patients, family/visitors/carers, and colleagues
  • Aware of the importance of accurate documentation and contributing to reports of patients’ activity and progress
  • Accept constructive feedback.
  • Give constructive feedback to colleagues.
  • Participate in discussions about patient care and ward/departmental development, including handover and team meetings
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Maintain professional boundaries and working relationships with patients and colleagues

Personal and People Development

  • Understand own level of responsibility and accountability in relation to trained staff
  • Identify your own learning needs and produce a personal development plan in conjunction with the ward sister/charge nurse
  • Participate in annual staff appraisal, staff development, and in-service training activities in line with the Knowledge and Skills Framework
  • Attend Trust/local orientation programs, mandatory training sessions, and annual updates
  • Take part in reflection and appropriate learning from practice, in order to maintain and develop competence and performance

Health, Safety, and Security

  • Assist in maintaining a clean environment that is conducive to safe practice
  • Report any issues at work that may put health, safety, and security at risk
  • Summon immediate help for any emergency and take appropriate action to contain it
  • Understand the principles and practices of Infection Control
  • Work within your own personal/professional limitations and seek the help of others to maintain safe practice.
  • Identify potential risks for all staff, patients, and visitors and assist with relevant incident reporting procedures
  • Cleans patient equipment as required
  • Handle and dispose of all body fluids in accordance with universal precautions

Service Improvement

  • Undertake administrative and clerical tasks associated with patient care to facilitate the smooth running of the ward/department
  • Maintain adequate levels of stock, equipment, and materials and facilitate the efficient, effective use of resources; report when availability falls below an acceptable standard or level
  • Pass on constructive views and ideas for improving services to ward sister/charge nurse


  • Ensure a welcoming, caring, and safe environment is provided for the patient
  • and their family/visitors/carers
  • Aware of and maintaining the required standard of care
  • Ensure that patient areas are kept clean and tidy
  • Comply with Trust/local policies and procedures

Equality and Diversity

  • Carry out duties and responsibilities with regard to the Trust’s Equal Opportunity policy
  • Recognize the importance of people’s rights and act in accordance with legislation, policies, and procedures
  • Act in ways that acknowledge and recognize peoples’ expressed beliefs, preferences, and choices; respecting diversity and valuing people as individuals
  • Take account of your own behavior and its effect on others

Enablement to address health and well-being needs

  • Maintain and improve the patient’s mobility using appropriate equipment and handling techniques
  • Assist the patient to be as comfortable as possible, i.e. help with moving and positioning the patient using appropriate equipment
  • Assist with checking pain levels and requesting pain-relieving medication on the patient’s behalf
  • Involve the patient in shared decision-making and obtain their consent before undertaking nursing procedures
  • Prepare appropriately for the activity to be undertaken
  • Support and encourage the patient to meet their own health and well-being needs

Provision of care to meet health and well-being needs

  • Work cooperatively as part of the multi-disciplinary team, helping nursing, midwifery, and other clinical staff in routine work associated with patient care
  • Support qualified nurses in the implementation of programs of care within the limits of the NA’s knowledge and competence
  • Provide comfort, reassurance, and support to patients and/or their carers if anxious or distressed
  • Assist with essential patient care, e.g. making beds, sorting clean linen, distributing menu cards, etc.
  • Assist patients to become as independent as possible by giving the appropriate level of support as delegated and under supervision
  • Maintain patients’ personal and oral hygiene, e.g. helping with dressing/ undressing, giving bed baths, mouth, and skin care, assisting with pressure area care
  • Escort patients to other departments
  • Have a basic understanding of special dietary needs and implications for the patient’s condition
  • Ensure adequate hydration and nutritional intake – including feeding patients
  • Record intake and output and understand the need for accuracy
  • Assist patients to access and use appropriate toilet facilities, ensuring privacy and dignity are maintained
  • Record routine observations as designated by the nurse in charge (the following training and having been assessed as competent, e.g. TPR & BP, urine tests, ECG)
  • Alert trained staff promptly of changes in the patient’s condition or any possible risks

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