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CSR Experts Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Job Overview

Experts Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Customer Service Job in Abu Dhabi, To handle inquiries and complaints from customers, we are employing a customer service professional. Additionally, you will be expected to handle orders and adjustments, and escalate complaints through various lines of contact.

You must have previous computer experience and be able to maintain composure in stressful situations with customers if you want to succeed in this position. Customer service employees take orders, process returns, assist clients with complaints and inquiries, and provide information about goods and services.

They are sometimes viewed as having a part in sales because they assist customers in understanding the goods and responding to inquiries regarding their reservations.

Post Name CSR Experts
Company Name Alpin Limited
Expected Salary AED 5000 to AED 7000 Per Month
Address Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 00000

Responsibility for Abu Dhabi Jobs for Indians:

  • Developing policies relating to a company’s ethical, sustainable and environmental responsibilities.
  • Ensuring a company has a positive impact on local communities and the environment.
  • Raising public awareness of a company’s social responsibility commitments through marketing.
  • Conducting research into best practices.
  • Writing and actioning a company’s social responsibility strategy.
  • Creating partnerships with clients, employees, suppliers, charities, and other groups.
  • Ensuring that a company’s policies meet legal and commercial needs.
  • Organizing events for employees and their teams.
  • Encouraging links between the company and educational or charitable groups.
  • Spreading the word in schools and local organizations about the company and construction in general.
  • Conduct CSR, and ESG Audits.
  • Write coherent audit reports and communicate related recommendations with clients.
  • Reporting on social responsibility activity to senior managers.
  • Assisting the company in developing, managing, and altering social responsibility policies.
  • Using internal communication to reinforce the company’s social responsibility policies.
  • Reaching out to the public via PR and marketing to deliver the message of the company’s commitment to social responsibility.
  • Working on company branding strategies with the marketing department.
  • Collaborate across the business to align with sustainability goals, objectives, and initiatives inclusive of our streaming services, networks, and facilities.
  • Organize internal volunteer programs and events that drive employee engagement.
  • Create communications assets and presentation material to share CSR-related news across internal and external communications channels.
  • Provide administrative support on special projects, employee events, programs, and other internal communications needs.
Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Bachelor’s Degree in a related Field
Remote No

HSE Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability for Customer Service Jobs in Abu Dhabi for Filipino:

  • In addition to your responsibility towards following ALPIN’s Integrated Management System, familiarize yourself with ALPIN’s Environmental Impact Assessment and contribute towards minimizing their individual environmental impact in the course of their work.
  • Act within the legal responsibilities imposed upon your work and the Company’s Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety policies. Familiarize yourself with the Company’s Integrated Management System’s policies and procedures

Skills for Customer Service Expert Job in Abu Dhabi:

  • Knowledge of Internal sustainability practices
  • Knowledge of ESG Reporting and tracking Methodologies
  • Knowledge of ARC Skoru Platform 
  • Knowledge and understanding of UN SDG’s 
  • Knowledge of ISO standards, GRI Standards, or other relevant reporting standards
  • Knowledge of Internal sustainability practices disclosure & reporting 
  • Ability to manage the process of collecting employee, environmental, and other operational data from respective departments
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of current sustainability standards: LEED, QSAS, or Estidama;
  • Working towards at least one of the accreditations: LEED GA or AP, Estidama, Green Star or BREEAM;
  • Fluent in written & spoken English;
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or close to completion of one) in a related discipline (Environmental, Construction Management, Engineering, or Architecture);
  • Excellent planning and organization skills are required for our fast-paced environment;
  • Ability to self-manage;
  • Strong communication skills (Written, electronic & spoken) & interpersonal skills
  • Excellent research and analytical skills, Excel skills preferred
  • Creativity and a can-do attitude
  • Ability to work in a flexible, fun, and strongly team-oriented environment

Basic Qualifications for:

  • Professional experience with demonstrated success in corporate social responsibility, environmental/sustainability work, or related roles
  • Invested interest in social causes, sustainability
  • Experience in analyzing, reporting, and summarizing data as it pertains to the existing landscape
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; including editing and copywriting
  • A self-starter – ability to take initiative, anticipate issues, and proactively problem solve
  • Quick learner, boundless curiosity, and passion for delivering excellence
  • Project management and time management with attention to detail
  • Superior can-do, no-job-is-beneath-you attitude
  • Demonstrated motivation and discipline to work effectively in a collaborative, high-paced environment
  • Competencies in Microsoft Office and Google Suite, including presentation software

Additional Experience/Certifications:

  • Prior experience in technology
  • Knowledge of internal communications channels including digital tools (intranets, social media, etc.)
  • Arabic language would is a plus (not required);
  • UAE Driver’s license & personal mode of transportation;

Learning Outcomes for Job in Abu Dhabi for Female:

The successful applicant will gain the following learning outcomes from this position:

  • Deepening of awareness in local, regional, and global environmental issues, and the role that the construction sector plays in contributing to these issues;
  • Hands-on experience in both design and construction projects;
  • Development of analytical and research skills;
  • Experience in the dynamics of a fast-paced consultancy environment;

About Company

Alpin Limited is a multidisciplinary sustainable cleantech consultancy based in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. The local team is composed of a diverse range of experts who lead their respective fields, including LEED APs, PQPs, official Estidama trainers, commissioning authorities (CxA), construction managers, MBAs, and building physics PhDs.

We also have commissioning authorities and consultants based in Munich, London, New York City, and other prominent global locations.

Our current projects include The Abu Dhabi midfield Terminal Building, The Msheireb urban redevelopment project, Johnson Controls Research Center, SKMC Dialysis Center, Sowwah Square Abu Dhabi, and several other high-profile projects in the EU and GCC.

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Benefits of Working in Abu Dhabi:

The United Arab Emirates UAE has been a popular destination for those looking for an overseas career. Besides the numerous job opportunities, there are many advantages of working here which are favorable to international workers.
Tax-free income:- One of the major benefits of working here is that your income is virtually tax-free. You get to take home the amount you earn without the obligation of paying anything to the government in the form of tax. This will result in a higher disposable income and access to a better quality of life.
Exposure to a multicultural environment:- More than 80% of Abu Dhabi’s population is made up of ex-pats which means that workplaces will have a diverse workforce where employees will be from different countries.
The benefit of working here is that you will get exposure to working with people from different countries and also build a network with people from various nations. This will help you build the ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This will be a valuable addition to your skill sets.
Experience in international projects:- There are many international companies in Abu Dhabi, For an opportunity to work in these companies you get valuable experience and if you are involved in a high-profile project, you only add to your professional value.
Benefits for employees:-  As an employee, you get access to various benefits. These include health insurance, 30 days of vacation per annum, and airfare for a round trip to your home country.
Apart from this, you can have access to housing allowances, salary bonuses, flexible working hours, and an allowance for further education. Also, private-sector employees get 30 days of annual leave after completing one year in a job.
English is the main language:- English is the most widely spoken language in Abu Dhabi and is used by the majority of people living and working here including the local population. This makes it easier for international workers to live and work here.
Safe environment:- Abu Dhabi offers a safe environment with a low crime which makes it a safe place to live and work in.