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Job Overview

Current Jobs in Ghana 2022, Creative is seeking a Human Resources (HR) & Office Manager for an anticipated USAID-funded project that seeks to strengthen civil society oversight and feedback on performance in public service delivery and to support government and public service providers to be more responsive to citizen demand in delivering quality essential services. 

The HR & Office Manager will be responsible for human resources and office management out of Tamale, Ghana. S/he will organize and coordinate office operations management to optimize program effectiveness and efficiency. S/he will lead HR practices and objectives that will foster a high-performance team culture that emphasizes employee engagement,

Performance management, and the recruitment and ongoing professional development of project staff.  The Office Manager will be responsible for intra-office communication, streamlining administrative and operational procedures, supporting the Director of Finance & Operations in inventory control management, and staff supervision.

The Office Manager is also responsible for the maintenance of processes and metrics that support the achievement of the project’s goals which includes ensuring compliance with Creative and donor/client human resources policies, procedures, and regulations.   

Post Name Human Resources (HR) & Office Manager
Company Name Creative Associates International
Salary GHS 6500 To GHS 8500 Per Month
Address Tamale, Ghana NT2701

About Company

Creative Associates International provides outstanding, on-the-ground development services and forges partnerships to deliver sustainable solutions to global challenges. Creative’s mission is to support people around the world to realize the positive change they seek.

Founded by four enterprising women, Creative’s experts focus on education, economic growth, workforce development, governance, and elections, among other key areas. Creative is recognized for its ability to quickly adapt and excel in conflict and post-conflict environments.

Thanks to the support of international clients, multilateral donors, and the private sector, Creative has active programs in more than 30 countries—from Honduras to Nigeria and Morocco to Afghanistan. Since its founding, Creative has undertaken projects in many countries.

Today, the company counts on a professional staff of more than Thousands of people around the world who are committed to working with officials, non-governmental organizations, and community members to realize the positive change they seek.

Basic Responsibility for Ghana Jobs with Experience:

  • Manage HR and office operations to ensure compliance with Creative and client rules and regulations; 
  • Lead the full-cycle HR recruitment process including finalization of job descriptions, advertisement of vacancies, review of applicants, scheduling and conducting interviews alongside project senior management, checking candidate references, and collecting new hire documents; 
  • The onboard new project hires; 
  • Manage employee benefits enrollment and ensure all inquiries and challenges faced by employees regarding their insurances are handled; 
  • Coordinate the performance evaluation process; 
  • Provide information and advice to project staff regarding HR policies and procedures; 
  • Coordinate staff training and establish staff development plans based on staff appraisals and evaluations; 
  • Receive and log grievances or complaints from employees;  
  • Consult with HQ HR Operations Manager and legal counsel regarding difficult cases and provide recommended solutions prior to forwarding complaints to management for review; 
  • Provide oversight related to the updating of personnel files and other related HR documents including employment agreements, amendments, timesheets, calendar holidays and leave; 
  • Develop office management policies and procedures, including visitor protocols, and mail/correspondence management;  
  • Work with relevant vendors to ensure the office is properly equipped with water, electricity, internet, cleaning services, fuel, functional appliances/supplies, etc. as required;  
  • Support the Director of Finance & Operations in inventory/fleet management, establishing and maintaining the IT infrastructure, and overseeing office furniture and supply procurement/budgeting;  
  • Provide information as required by Compliance Officers/Auditors during audits;  
  • Provide administrative support as necessary, including scheduling group meetings/supporting events, maintaining calendars, conducting research, and preparing memos and reports; and 
  • Perform other duties as assigned. 

Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Education Required Degree in human resources, business administration, or a related field
Remote No

Basic Skills for Jobs in Ghana for Filipino:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, or a related field.
  • Minimum of (5+) years of HR and office management experience and 8 years of general work experience. 
  • Experience working on USAID or similar internationally funded programs.
  • Strong knowledge of USG procurement rules and regulations.
  • Strong ability to use and develop management and tracking systems.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  
  • Excellent record keeping and documentation skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Ghanaian local labor law.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office; and 
  • Fluency in English is required.

Benefits of Working in Ghana for Jobs in Ghana with Visa Sponsorship:

Guaranteed Benefits in Ghana:-

Your Ghana benefits management plan will probably include numerous benefits, but we recommend starting with those guaranteed by law. For example, the country celebrates 12 national holidays, and employees should get those 12 days off with pay. All employees are generally entitled to at least 15 days of paid annual leave as well.

Female employees in Ghana usually receive at least 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. Currently, the country does not mandate any paternity leave, but the government is working on passing legislation for five days of paid paternity leave.

Ghana Benefits Management:-

When you’re ready to give out employment perks, you should consider adding supplemental benefits to your Ghana benefit management plan. Additional benefits will encourage employees to work for you for years to come. Ghana currently offers national health insurance that covers basic health services for all citizens. However, you could offer additional health benefits or choose to give employees a monthly stipend for them to find their own health care.

Restrictions for Benefits and Compensation:-

The biggest restriction companies face when trying to give out compensation and benefits is incorporation. You must have a registered entity in the country to hire employees legally unless you work with a global PEO like Globalization Partners. We also act as the Employer of Record, so we’ll be the ones responsible for Ghana’s compensation and benefits laws instead of you. When you choose to work with us, you can manage your company while we manage the risk.

Interview Questions for Human Resources (HR) & Office Manager for :

  1. What Does an HR Manager Do?
  2. What would be some ways you would help our company grow and scale while maintaining diversity?
  3. Do you think it’s important to include out-of-office activities to build a great culture?
  4. How do you ensure you present your hiring managers with the best possible applicants?
  5. Describe the process you go through to ensure hiring managers and the recruiting/HR department are aligned in terms of workflow and requirements for candidate quality.
  6. Explain What Any Random Day At Your Previous Job Looked Like?   
  7. What Is Your Weakness For This Role?
  8. How Do You Create the Right Team Environment?
  9. How Do You Manage Conflicts in Your Staff?
  10. Relate a Time You Had to Make a Difficult Decision?

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