Avelo Airlines Careers Jobs USA :: $35/Hour

Job Overview

Avelo Airlines Careers Jobs USA :: $35/Hour, To deliver to Flight Operations a safe, airworthy, and on-time aircraft. Acting in the safest and best interest of the company by performing Maintenance Control (MX Control) and Planning functions to ensure that the fleet is maintained to the highest standards, including full compliance with all General Maintenance Manual (GMM) policies and procedures, and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

This position is vital to the safety of our Customers and Crewmembers and the airworthiness of our aircraft. Demonstrates a “One Crew” and “Do The Right Thing” mentality for MX Control and Planning.

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Post Name Maintenance Controller
Company Name Avelo Airlines
Expected Salary USD 35 Per Hour 
Address Orlando, Florida, USA 32827

Outcomes and Responsibilities

Perform MX Control and Planning processes to ensure operational performance is met.

  • Performs daily MX Control and Planning operations functions.
  • Reports and codes all maintenance delays and cancellations accurately.
  • Monitor the Minimum Equipment List Program (MEL)
  • Liaison with Outstation maintenance providers to ensure that they are available and able to assist each flight day.
  • Coordinate with Dispatch to ensure dispatch requirements are being met by ensuring aircraft are entered or removed from service in a timely manner.

Administer the Minimum Equipment List Program (MEL) including Configuration Deviation List (CDL) and Non-Essential Furnishings (NEF) to ensure the airworthiness of the fleet.

  • Monitor MEL fleet status to ensure items are evaluated and corrected within the time limits of the MEL/CDL/NEF manual
  • Review MEL program items ensuring troubleshooting is performed and documented
  • Ensure MX Planning and Dispatch have the current MEL status of the fleet

Comply with all training guidance, directives, and assignments.

  • Ensure training is current and up to date, and all qualifications and authorizations are accurate.
  • Act as subject matter expert for pilots, mechanics, and Dispatch.

Oversee execution of scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance events

  • Coordinate with base supervisors to ensure needs at bases are met to cover events.
  • Coordinate with materials to ensure parts are made available for AOG situations in the system.
  • Liaison with Flight Crew members for application of MELs and documentation of aircraft discrepancies
  • Maintain a list of On Call MX Providers at outstations- for accuracy.
  • Coordinate and secure ground support equipment for maintenance events at outstations
  • Coordinate with Dispatch on the routing of aircraft for scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance events.
  • Provide technical assistance to maintenance personnel and On-Call maintenance.
  1. Participates in the Safety Management System (SMS) Program
  • Supports safety promotion, quality, and safety culture
  • Reports SMS-related issues to the Manager of Maintenance Control and Planning, Safety Committee, and/or the Director of Safety.

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Industry Private
Education Required Graduate 
Schedule Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours 

Decision-Making Ability

Responsibility and Authority (approver)

  • Resolution of Maintenance Control and Maintenance Planning issues
  • Ensure Airworthiness of all company aircraft
  • Ensure Maintenance Control and Planning Modules of the company’s Computer Based Tracking System are up to date
  • Coordinate and control the MEL Program
  • Tech Ops Daily Status reporting

Decision Participant (Influences)

  • Project planning
  • Development of new maintenance processes and procedures
  • Development of Reports
  • Maintenance Controller and Planners training On the Job Training (OJT) program
  • Service Difficulty Reporting program


  • A high knowledge base in aircraft systems troubleshooting including a damage assessment.
  • Intimate knowledge of the GMM, various manuals, and publications, and the ability to negotiate manuals quickly and efficiently- including AMM; IPC; SRM
  • Strong Communication skills capable of working with other crewmembers and Federal authorities.
  • Strong critical thinking with an analytical approach to problem-solving
  • Move throughout the office or line maintenance environments for extended periods of time (up to 10-12 hours per day)
  • Available for after-hours management (including weekends) of airline operational issues.
  • Current and valid Airframe and Powerplant License
  • Have at least 3 years of maintenance experience on different types of large airplanes with 10 or more seats with an air carrier or certificated repair station, 1 year of which must be as a Maintenance Controller.
  • Long-term maintenance planning experience preferred.
  • Boeing 737 Classic or NG Familiarization courses are a plus.
  • Current and Valid Passport

May perform other responsibilities, as assigned. Responsibilities and duties may change when circumstances dictate. (e.g., emergencies, changes in workload, rush jobs or technical developments, etc.

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