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Flight Attendants – Entry Level

Job Overview

Are Any US Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants?, Are you ready to explore a world of possibilities, both at work and during your time off? Join our American Airlines family, and you’ll travel the world, grow your expertise and become the best version of yourself.

As you embark on a new journey, you’ll tackle challenges with flexibility and grace, learning new skills and advancing your career while having the time of your life.

Feel free to enrich both your personal and work life and hop on board! American Airlines serves the travel needs of our customers, both domestically and abroad as we care for people on life’s journey.

We are looking for individuals who are reliable, resilient, customer focused, and professional. Listening, taking initiative, and making a difference, our Flight Attendants are champions for an elevated customer experience.

They deliver the best service as ambassadors in the skies and are dedicated to caring for the thousands of people who choose to fly with us.

Post Name Flight Attendant
Salary USD 31000 To USD 40000 Per Year 
Company Name American Airlines
Education Required High School Diploma or GED

What you’ll do:

  • Set a high standard and provide remarkable in-flight service
  • Able to turn challenges into solutions or alternatives
  • Think independently while still being part of a collaborative team
  • Handle a wide variety of situations while in continuous contact with the public, both on and off the aircraft
  • Work independently and as part of a team without supervision
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of our customers
  • Respond to a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Follow applicable regulations and work rules

Physical Demands, Expectations, and Working Conditions:

  • Position requires some physical exertion, such as pulling, pushing, reaching, bending, walking, and lifting
  • Long periods of standing and speaking
  • Airport ramp operations are noisy and can be hazardous without due caution
  • Extensive travel, must be able to spend consecutive nights away from home and endure all climates
  • Varying work schedules that include evenings and weekends
  • Skilled in handling difficult situations, problem-solving, complaint resolution, and conflict de-escalation.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; provide friendly reception to all customers
  • Must be able to professionally represent the American Airlines brand while in the Flight Attendant uniform


  • A high school diploma or GED equivalent required
  • College education or two years of customer service experience preferred
  • Must be able to make announcements, give emergency orders, and communicate in the English language
  • Must be at least 20 years of age
  • Must be in possession of a valid U.S. or Foreign Passport with applicable VISAs
  • Must possess the legal right to travel unrestricted to/from all states and countries that are served by American Airlines
  • Travel documents must remain valid throughout all phases of training and employment
  • Must have the legal right to work in the United States
  • Able to attend up to 6 1/2 weeks of unpaid training in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and, if employed, move immediately to the city to which you are assigned as a base
  • Able to be on call and available to report for duty in your assigned base (reserve duty). Reserve duty may continue for an undetermined amount of years.
Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Location Dallas, Texas, US 75261
Remote No

All candidates must be willing to be based from any of our base locations including:

  • BOS (Boston, MA)
  • ORD (Chicago, IL)
  • DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)
  • LAX (Los Angeles, CA)
  • MIA (Miami, FL)
  • CLT (Charlotte, NC)
  • SFO (San Francisco, CA)
  • JFK/LGA (New York City, NY)
  • DCA (Washington, DC)
  • PHL (Philadelphia, PA)
  • PHX (Phoenix, AZ)

To be eligible for a designated language speaker Flight Attendant position, you must:

  • Be fluent in the Dutch language or another designated language
  • Successfully complete a language proficiency screening at a superior rating

 What does ‘fluent’ mean?

  • Speaks the language with proper syntax and grammar structures, including complex verb structures and tenses, and proper agreement of tenses such as noun/pronoun, adjective agreement, etc.
  • Ability to comprehend up-to-date/new expressions and cultural nuances
  • Ability to tailor a message appropriately to the context (social, situational, or emergency)
  • Displays a broad range of vocabulary and appropriate references
  • Can read the language at an appropriate pace 

Benefits of being a designated language speaker Flight Attendant include:

  • Premium pay
  • Opportunity to travel more often to destinations where your second language is spoken
  • Must be able to read and speak Dutch fluently

Feel Free to be yourself in American:

From the team members, we hire to the customers we serve, inclusion and diversity are the foundation of the dynamic workforce at American Airlines.

Our 20+ Employee Business Resource Groups are focused on connecting our team members to our customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders, helping team members reach their full potential, and creating an inclusive work environment to meet and exceed the needs of our diverse world.

Are you ready to feel a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction as you do your part to keep the largest airline in the world running smoothly as we care for people on life’s journey? Feel free to be yourself at American.*This document is provided for demonstrative purposes and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and expectations.

Interview Questions for Flight Attendant:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. How would you cope with being away from your family and friends for prolonged periods of time?
  3. Describe your customer service skills
  4. What skills are important for flight attendants?
  5. Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer
  6. What are your strongest skills?
  7. Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team?
  8. How would you manage a situation in which two passengers are causing a disturbance?
  9. What are the key responsibilities of flight attendants?
  10. Why would you make a good flight attendant or steward?
  11. Why do you want to work for our airline?
  12. Describe a time when you lost your patience when dealing with a customer
  13. How would you deal with a passenger who refuses to follow the rules?
  14. What would you do if there was an emergency during a flight?
  15. What was your favourite in-air experience?
  16. What is your biggest weakness?
  17. How would you react if a passenger was being rude to you or other cabin crew members?
  18. What would you do if your cabin manager gave you an order that went against protocol?
  19. What destinations does our airline fly to?
  20. Where do you see yourself in five years?

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