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Apple Internships :: Apple Hiring :: Apple employment, Imagine what you could do here. At Apple, extraordinary ideas have a way of becoming phenomenal products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there’s no telling what you could accomplish.

Apple’s University Recruiting team is looking for highly motivated, engineering students with a strong background in Back-End Engineering, Core OS, and Web Development to join its team of highly skilled software engineers.

Our software engineers are the brains behind some of the industry’s biggest breakthroughs! macOS, Siri, Apple Maps, and iCloud — not to mention the system-level software for iPhone and Apple TV — all started here.

These teams are on the front line of our constant charge toward innovation! We are actively seeking enthusiastic interns who can work full-time for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Post Name Software Engineering Internship
Company Name Apple 
Expected Salary USD 23 To USD 25 Per Hour 
Address Los Angeles, California, United States 90036

Key Qualifications:

  • You may meet or have interest in any one of the following qualifications:
  • Strong object-oriented design skills, coupled with a deep knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following developer skills: Java, C/C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, Unix, MySQL, Clojure, Scala, Java Script, CSS, HTML5
  • Experience in sophisticated methodologies such as Data Modeling, Validation, Processing, Hadoop, MapReduce, Mongo, Pig
  • Experience with web frameworks such as AngularJS, NodeJS, SproutCore
  • Proven experience in application development in Objective-C for macOS or iOS a plus
  • Client-Server protocol & API Design Skills
  • Able to craft multi-functional requirements and translate them into practical engineering tasks
  • Fundamental knowledge of embedded processors, with in-depth knowledge of real-time operating system concepts.
  • Excellent debugging and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, team-based environment
Industry Private
Schedule Type Full Time
Working Hours  8 Hours 
Remote No

Some responsibilities in Software Engineering may include:

  • Backend Development – Making the features that Apple users love (like Siri) work by presenting data to the user-facing applications. Backend development opportunities are available for students in the following areas:
  • Siri, iCloud, Apple Maps, Core OS, macOS, Frameworks and Applications, Interactive Media Group, Audio/Video Software Integration and Localization, Advanced Computation, iWorks, Pro Apps, Apple Music, Security, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and Platform Infrastructure Engineering (PIE)
  • Core OS – The Core OS team is responsible for the design and development of core technologies that are deployed across all Apple product areas including the iPhone, iPad, Watch, MacBook, iMac, Apple TV, and audio accessories. (Yes, that’s pretty much everything.)
  • Web Development – Help build web-based tools and applications to improve our products and do more for our customers. Our developers are responsible for crafting the direction of our products by considering the architecture, performance, testing, design, and implementation. And of course, we look for engineers that use our products.
  • Engineers at Apple work on both UI level and lower-level implementation details. The successful intern candidate will be amenable to working in a dynamic, collaborative environment.
  • The person filling this position must be a hands-on, enthusiastic, self-motivated developer with a strong initiative and a desire to succeed in a challenging environment. You will have a real passion for extraordinary user experiences and an eye for details. Those applying for the Web Development intern position should include a link to a web portfolio.

Education & Experience:

  • Pursuing BS/MS/Ph.D. program in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Design, or related fields.
  1. What do you love about working for Apple?
  2. What is a typical day like at Apple?
  3. What qualities are required to succeed in this position?
  4. Where do you see Apple in five and ten years?
  5. Are there any new or unique products the company is currently working on?
  6. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  7. What is your favorite food/ice cream?
  8. If you accept a job at Apple, what will you miss most about where you currently work?
  9. Why do you want to work for Apple?
  10. Apple changed its name from Apple Computers Incorporated to Apple Inc. Do you know why the change was made?
  11. Tell me about a time you dealt with a situation where you had an employee give you push back on a suggestion, and how did you respond?  Describe an interesting problem you’ve faced. How did you solve it?
  12. Apple is known to be restrictive when it comes to listing apps in the App Store. Do you see this as a competitive advantage or a disadvantage, and why?
  13. What is something you have done in this life that you are particularly proud of? Why?
  14. How have you dealt with a difficult customer?
  15. If you had to prioritize between fixing a customer’s problem or creating a great customer experience, which would you choose? Which do you think is most important? Why?

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